Parasite ★★★★

At this point I don’t even care... Parasite is overhyped and so is Bong Joon Ho. It’s a good film overall, but in my opinion it was not the best film of 2019, and Bong certainly wasn’t the best director of 2019, although I can praise how the rich family was shown in wide angle camera shots and the lower income family was usually shown in stuffed camera shots. People love how this film blends genres, but to me it just felt like the film didn’t know what it wanted to be. I realize how this is coming off, and I’ll say this, Parasite is a great film, I even own it... but to see it being praised as a “subtle examination of class” is blasphemous as its incredibly on the nose and feels like a movie that’s just trying to subvert expectations for the sake of it, similar to how a majority of the M Night movies turn out. Overall, in my opinion, parasite is good, but overhyped and overrated.

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