In the article I wrote here, I mention how theaters can’t survive much longer with major blockbusters getting delayed. Shortly after I published the article, Cineworld announced the closure of ALL regal theaters. Now that Soul is being delayed to Christmas Day and becoming a Disney+ exclusive, theaters are truly in a world of hurt and they may not survive.

Although theater going in recent years has become quite annoying because people now think it’s okay to be on your phones and have full on conversations in the middle of the movie, I still don’t want them to die out. I often go to the movies on my days off when there’s less people in there, and get to enjoy the theatrical experience without having to deal with the annoying people. I truly hope theaters can find a way to survive this, because no matter what anyone says, your home theater system with your TV and sound system is still not going to be the optimal viewing experience that a theater can provide.

Some movies are also meant to be enjoyed in the theaters too, imagine watching the next Mission Impossible movie at home and paying $20 to watch it at your own house. That’s absurd, you’re paying what you would’ve paid at the theater and receiving a lesser experience. Even films like Dark Waters or The Peanut Butter Falcon, that don’t have very much special effects in them and can still be enjoyed at home, are more fun to watch and experience in theaters. I don’t want to advocate going out and seeing a movie in theaters because then some snowflake could potentially try and blame me for them getting Coronavirus (although that may be the best way to support them) but there are things we can do to help our local theaters survive. Here in AZ, Harkins theaters were selling their delicious popcorn on weekends while they were shut down, the one singular theater in my hometown was doing that same thing. So, if you truly care about theaters and the optimal viewing experience it provides, then maybe you can find a way to support them by buying a bag of popcorn even if you don’t like popcorn (which is what my girlfriend and I did).

Whatever the case may be, I hope, if you’re reading this, you can find a way to support your theaters near you because I don’t want them to become extinct and I have a feeling many of you feel the same way as well. 


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