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This review was a tough one to write because in order to describe it accurately some of the movie would’ve had to have been spoiled through explanation or hints at the story, so I will do my best to write a convincing review without going into too much detail about it.
Upgrade is set in the future where technology runs nearly everything in everyone’s lives, but some people including Grey are more old fashioned and prefer to do things the old fashioned way. When Grey is in a motor accident Grey is no longer able to fix things around the house and fix cars like he’s been accustomed to doing, he goes into a depression slump and would rather die than continue to live in his current state but when a friend offers him a solution to all of this called STEM, Grey decides to take the offer.

Acting in upgrade was average or above average at best, but that does not stop this film from hooking you in, keeping your attention and wondering which direction the film when take when Grey is constantly conflicted with himself on a fine line of what is right and what is wrong. Although it is not to well-known Upgrade was one of the better films of 2018 so far, because it manages to do what most films struggle with in combining different genres while keeping a good story, keeping you invested in the characters, and just keeping you drawn into the film as a whole. The viewer may want to compare this picture with a film like Robocop, but although it has its similarities it also remains very different in it’s own right. 

Upgrade still remains unique and for the most part pretty original. Personally I haven’t seen as many sci-fi films as other people but I can say that Upgrade captured the perfect mix of being a sci-fi, action, comedy, and drama film without throwing too much at the viewer for them not to understand and without feeling too crowded with a mix of what this film is supposed to be, Upgrade features a great and unique ending and although the acting could’ve been worse it also could’ve been better, the movie itself is so good that the performances are forgiven by the viewer. 

I highly recommend you take a chance on this film, and you will not be disappointed. My personal rating on this film is an 8/10 and is one of the better films of the year so far! Tired of the cliché films? Then watch this film and Upgrade 😉

As always, have a great day, and an even better time at the movies! 

-Your friendly neighborhood critic, K 🙂

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