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  • Another Round

    Another Round



    The perfect mix of camaraderie amongst a group of friends that makes you long for the next session with your own and lifelike drama that can shift your path from one spectrum to the other with a few decisions. A very grounded look into chasing excitement, reigniting that youthful spark, and maintaining your journey with your loved ones along the way.

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman



    I was absolutely shook multiple times, where the intensity that builds and builds to different levels was something I didn’t think the movie was capable of. Things started rather slow, and once the 5 part act sets in motion, the film elevates to a whole other level. Carey Mulligan is fantastic throughout, where the story has everything you’d want entertainment wise. It’s comical, has a strong supporting cast regardless if they’re a friend or foe, and can turn dark…

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  • 42




    Chadwick Boseman’s charismatic demeanor and range of skill carries what could’ve been something truly special, but falls into generic biopic standards. There’s definitely some standout moments that’ll frustrate you beyond belief racism wise, and moments showing Jackie’s will to prevail that’ll bring you close to tears, but it still never makes that leap into something truly special. The supporting cast is also a pleasant treat on top of Boseman’s tight performance. Come for the story of the iconic Jackie Robinson, and leave with a greater appreciation for a generational talent that will be truly missed in Chadwick Boseman.

  • I'm Your Woman

    I'm Your Woman



    Sets out and accomplishes showcasing the female perspective in a crime story. One of which we rarely see in the genre. 
    However, even with the grim life the protagonist has to endure, with motherhood, living through this nightmare, and uncovering the truth behind everything, it’s still a slow slog. The highs aren’t high enough to keep things interesting.

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  • Parasite




    Director Joon-ho Bong delivers one of the wildest cinematic roller coasters I’ve ever been apart of. It’s a hilarious, gruesome, and deeply layered story that isn’t something you can classify or explain to others. Following Ki-taek’s family, who are all unemployed, but resourceful and wickedly cunning, Parasite (Gisaengchung) takes you through the loops and corkscrews of social status, greed, and how the system will continue to step on your throat no matter what cards you’re dealt.

    With that, Bong…

  • Midsommar




    Ari Aster does is again! Midsommar displays some of the most thrilling and haunting portrayals of grief and codependency. Aster drags you into this dreadful nightmare within the first 20 minutes, only to then hypnotize you with how he displays the sun soaked landscapes of Sweden. It’s an exhausting and uncomfortable, yet hilarious ride where every frame, bit of dialogue, and piece of sound plays into the bigger picture. 

    I was constantly on the edge of my seat, curiously…