Captain Marvel ★★★


With Endgame being so close, it’s strange we got a tacked on origin story that could’ve been streamlined in one opening montage or something of that nature. The flashbacks felt sluggish, and only prolonged the wait of her going super-saiyan, which is what I wanted to see most. We all know without her, this final showdown with Thanos would be a complete wash, so why make us wait 100 something minutes to see her at her best?

I will applaud the 90s setting, the supporting cast in Samuel L Jackson, Lashana Lynch, Ben Mendelsohn and Clark Gregg.  It goes without saying the love shown for Stan Lee was dope. I also respect we didn’t have to sit through some half baked romance subplot. Brie Larson was another great casting choice for the MCU; watching her handle those baddies like it was nothing was pure entertainment during the action sequences. 

It just kind of felt like a light appetizer that everyone was hoping would shed more on Endgame, but otherwise dished us an average origin story with poor cat humor.

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