The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½


Without a doubt one of the more morbid films I’ve seen of late, but still offering some standout performances from a loaded cast. The film seemed to drag from time to time, and the narration isn’t necessary as the themes are explicitly spelled out for the viewer as the first generational storyline sets things into motion. Even as a neat feature being the original author, it provided little to the film outside of a gritty male voice to interconnect the stories and characters. 

Tom Holland and Batman are the standouts here, but really everyone involved plays their character incredibly well. Riley Keough is still perfect at everything she does, Jason Clarke is still a beast at playing dirty slime balls, and seeing Bill Skarsgard was a pleasant surprise. The cast and violence is enough to make someone want to check it out, but it certainly isn’t a story that has much going for it outside of that, at least in my opinion. I’m sure like many have mentioned, and which seems to be a running theme with these big Netflix releases, is that it’d work better as a short mini series or even just checking out the original source for more depth. For sure not visiting West Virginia any time soon!

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