Annette ★★★★½

“But now you have nothing to love” 

The minds of Carax and Sparks come together to make something unapologetically strange yet simultaneously beautiful and heartbreaking. Carax directs the hell out of this thing, and the sparks come up with some of the most fun and inventive music I’ve heard in a long time. Adam driver gives an absolute home run of a performance doing his best Bo Burnham impression, Marion Cotillard also gives an A+ act, I adore her in pretty much anything she’s in. A film with so many ideas is hard to dissect on a first watch but the idea of exploitation not only with children of celebrities but even Hollywood with celebrity relationships was displayed perfectly. The scene of the accompanist having doubts while he’s orchestrating and the camera circles around was simply amazing, pure cinema. This thing bursts with color yet not too much that it makes you want to puke. I’m generally not a musical fan but this one hits for me, I need to check out Holy Motors.

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