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  • Children of the Corn

    Children of the Corn


    Anyone that knows me, knows Stephen King is who I admire the most in all his weirdest.....I have a collection of his books and movies, (sometimes enjoy the books over the movies)- but he is my favorite by far.....they can't all be winners, I realize, but this one is entertaining.....I DO remember seeing it when I was much younger and I was MORE scared then -- this last time I watched it, I was kind of like "really?", but the…

  • The Boost

    The Boost


    So my husband said to me a couple weeks ago - how come you like all the "drug movies"?? I hadn't realized.....but some all time favorites - RUSH, Bright Lights Big City, Clean & Sober, Less Than Zero......and of course, The Boost. There is no theme here on my "drug movies", it's just great fucking movies with a great script and amazing acting. I have loved this one for a long time - my brother and I used to re-watch together…

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  • Speed



    2 things: Bullock and KEANU. That's it. This movie blew up (no pun intended) when it hit the theaters and it remains a constant in my watch list over the years. Did they date after this in real life??? GOD, I hope so. And why didn't they have beautiful babies?? Oh and didn't see Speed 2 because NO, shame on them for making that. Just wow. But this holds up in my top favorites. And of course it's Hopper (RIP), but I am a huge Jeff Daniels fan as well.

  • Thief



    So a friend gave this to us to borrow and said you HAVE to see it. A spellbinding cast -- James Caan, Dennis Farina, Robert Prosky, Tuesday Weld and an '80's movie by Michael Mann. What could go wrong?? NOTHING. OMG, I am still thinking of this movie even today. James Caan looks like a stud and some of his finest acting to boot. I love Prosky and he was perfect as the asshole bad guy and I LOVE Farina…