Kevin. 29. Arthouse manager and Barbara Stanwyck slappy. The present day sucks so I live on TCM.

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  • Minnie and Moskowitz

    Minnie and Moskowitz


    The foundation of any good, lasting romance is a mutual appreciation of Humphrey Bogart.

  • Speed



    Can't believe you could just go to a movie theater in 1994 and buy a ticket to see this movie. What a time to be alive. I was only a child, I didn't get to appreciate it fully. Send me back! Where's Doc Brown when you need him?

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  • The Loveless

    The Loveless


    Is Willem Dafoe hot? A case study.

  • Detroit



    I'm from Detroit. I've lived in and around the city for the majority of my life. This movie has nothing to say about this city, the uprising of '67 or, most damningly, what it's like to be black in America. Detroit (the movie) is the cinematic equivalent of Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones; it luxuriates interminably in the depths of human depravity without ever arriving at a meaningful conclusion. Maybe the hopelessness I felt watching Detroit was intentional. It…