The Postman ★★

I know I said was obligated to support my fellow Kevins, but...

The Postman could've worked as a hokey side quest in a Fallout game, but as a three hour dystopian Western epic drenched in Capra-esque sentimentality starring Kevin Costner as a drifter who enjoys cosplaying as a postal worker? I'll say this about it: it has vision, and that's more than most of today's blockbusters can claim. At the end of the day, though, I just don't believe in the same America that Costner so earnestly yearns for in that goofy ass way of his. I do, however, appreciate any post-apocalyptic movie that manages to shoehorn in a cameo of Tom Petty playing himself. Eat your heart out, Bill Murray in Zombieland.

Now will someone just get around to adapting Station Eleven for the big screen already? That's a post-apocalyptic story that shares a lot of the same hopeful themes as The Postman but without all the pesky patriotic bullshit.