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This review may contain spoilers.

I think my fourth watch:

One of the best of the franchise.

I’ve always liked this movie. The first Saw movie I ever watched was Saw 6 because it was on Netflix. I hid it from my parents but I loved it so I asked my sister to buy me the DVD’s for 1-4 and I hid them in my room. I eventually asked my dad for 5-7 and he obliged with no problem. 

The film itself isn’t perfect by any means. It’s trashy and it’s silly and it makes no sense. The characters are all terrible (Amanda being a mild exception) and the film visually looks like crap, but it’s still a good movie, well by Saw standards anyway. I think the best part about it is obviously the traps. My favourite one is the hand box trap. It’s just so frustrating how stupid she is, especially considering the key is right in front of her. The needle put is also a standout. I’ve never been someone who is afraid of needles so it’s never affected me in that way, but I do appreciate that some people do and it was clever that the writers done that.

The film is quite bloody but it’s still not massively gory. I watched it with my 14 year old cousin because he wanted to watch it (my 12 year old cousin didn’t want to see it after viewing the trailer) but after the nailed baseball bat death an hour in, he couldn’t finish it. We’re currently watching The Big Bang Theory (the Riki Lindhome season 2 episode) and I’m gonna finish the last 25 minutes after they go to bed. 

I’m writing the review now because I can’t be bothered doing to later (I just finished watching the film by the way and I added in some extra details to the review). I still remember everything that happened afterwards, I explained it to my cousin. I think the twist with Daniel being in the box the whole time and the whole game being pre-recorded was pretty clever. The whole cop connection was pretty cool too. I haven’t even mentioned the Amanda twist yet. I can’t remember if I predicated it or not but it’s still really good. I also complained about the film looking visually horrible but the grungy dirty set and cinematography adds to the tone of the film. I do like how it links to the original film with the bathroom at the end though which is cool. 

Overall, Saw 2 is a cool sequel but not a great film. 

Borderline 3/3.5 out of 5 stars

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