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  • Swiss Army Man

    Swiss Army Man


    A marooned man is about to commit suicide, when he's blessed with a magical dead body - one that can act as a jet ski, an air gun, and basically any tool our protagonist needs, up to and including best friend and confidant. What commences is a journey, both back to the mainland and also into a form of manhood.

    The film is at its best when its essentially channels the kinetic chaos of Looney Tunes cartoons into real life,…

  • Two Ships

    Two Ships


    A man and a woman meet at a party, and what unfolds might be the most important nigh of their lives: conversation, meeting the parents, a visit to jail, ChatRoulette (remember that?).

    It's an impressively economical 30 minutes, and benefits greatly from the two lead performances. I could easily see this being developed into a feature.

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  • My Giant

    My Giant


    My favorite interpretation of this film is the one where Billy Crystal actually drowns at the beginning, and the rest is the product of his brain slowly dying of oxygen deprivation. Fight me if you disagree.

  • Jarhead: Law of Return

    Jarhead: Law of Return

    Remember Jarhead? That smarter-than-average depiction of Marine life, starring Jake Gyllenhaal? I have no idea how this happened, but it somehow metamorphosed into a demented, jingoistic series of direct-to-video shovelware.

    This particular incarnation takes the form of lots and lots of macho dick jokes, vaguely racist depictions of the Arab world, and just a hint of BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI-distrust of 'the system', whatever that means.