Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

the fuckin' credit scenes y'all. IM HYPEDDDDDDD

other than that, i actually liked this way more than expected. the action sequences are hella impressive, the love bits betweeen peter & MJ is straight up the cutest part ever (i mean THEYRE ADORABLE AF) & i just love tom holland as peter parker so so much. his version of spiderman feels a lil bit pure & young, but i like his vulnerable side & his silliness as a teenager who suddenly had to bear huge responsibility that wasn't his before. and jake gyllenhall!<3

an obvious addition to one of my favorite mcu films for sure. idk if i'm just so easy to please, but this film just d e l i v e r s. and i'm geniunely excited for whatever mcu has in store for the next sequel!

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