Joker ★★★½

It's fun, but it will leave no lasting impact. It is like a worse version of taxi driver with some mild (mild) parts of king of comedy in it, but for what it is, its a good time.

I like the deviation from the norm in the superhero genre, if you can even remotely classify this movie as a superhero movie, so just for that I'm glad it exists. A bit too over the top at times, but even when its weak its carried by Joaquin's great performance.

The score sucks fucking ass tho, I'm not sure who thought this would be a good idea. A lot of good scenes, who would probably be better without any music, is dragged won by such an over the top dramatic score. Garbage.

The movie verges on being great for me, but if has a few superfluous scenes, and I'm not sure if Philips trusts his audience enough, because sometimes he shows but doesn't tell, but at other times he explains stuff so it becomes in your face. Might lose half a star or so over time when the hype from the theatre falls off and I just remember this as that weird gamer clown movie.

Overall a mess, but a fun mess. Just like this review

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