Don't Look in the Basement ★★½

2019 Cult Movie Challenge
#6 Video Nasties

A very interesting plot that unfortunately is plagued by lack of substantial resources and mostly bad acting. A young nurse finds herself stuck in a remote mental institution where things go from bad to worse. A nice ensemble of the lunatics give this flick the necessary tone of you don't know whether to be disturbed, laugh or get scared. At times it felt like a chore watching this though, which is a shame because there were glimpses of decent horror film making. I certainly do not want to go into details about the flaws of the film because at least it is honest about it is place in the cinematic world. It is just a cheap exploitation flick, with a playboy model in its lead and it delivers some decent gore and that's about it. They coulldn't do the script justice but hey, the effort is apparent. Plus, I will always watch horror flicks that use imperative clause in its title.

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