Midsommar ★★★★

After experiencing the terror attack that is Hereditary, I was more than hyped to watch his next feature, Midsommar. The trailers were amazing, they didn't show much of the plot but created triggered my morbid curiosity reflex, all while checking all my boxes of what I would want from a horror movie.

The obvious thing that make Midsommar stand out is of course the complete absence of darkness. Nothing moves in the shadows, no lurking of any sort. Everything is there for the world to see, oh you have no reason to be afraid, the sun shines, everyone dances, flowers everywhere. Subconsciously, we drop our defenses, we think we are comfortable, we don't look for the threat that hides somewhere waiting to end our lives. We don't look twice and we don't think twice , in other words we make ourselves unknowingly vulnerable.

Ari Aster has this rare ability to create really tense and unsettling situations out of otherwise ordinary situations. Well, to be fair, a pagan nordic ritualistic festival under polar sun isn't exactly ordinary but on first sight there is nothing not ordinary in an alerting way. And we are not really scared for most of the movie. But we cannot shake the feeling that something sinister is going on behind all those smiles and dances and it is not because we know something is coming.

We dive headfirst into this lucid nightmare, having experienced an existential turmoil beforehand. Most of the viewers had thoughts similar to what transpired in the first act of the film. Think they have too much baggage and drag their SO down, or staying with a partner because breaking up would make them the evilest person in the world. Midsommar essentially is just exploring these feelings, thoughts and fears by wrapping them up with supernatural horror.

This is a well thought movie, very detailed in every aspect. From the paintings in the mural to the imagery translated into cinematic sequences. This is some very inspired film making, something that Aster has accustomed us to. Dreamlike movement of the camera with sets built like paintings. Midsommar is another jewel in Aster's and A24's filmography and I am very happy that movies like these are getting made and getting the treatment they deserve, they legitimize the genre of horror. Let's end this with a hot take, Midsommar is The Wicker man for my generation.

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