Your Name.

Unfortunately, Your Name didn't meet my (admittedly high) expectations, because it suffers from the emotional didacticism that a lot of blockbusters seem to have (and which probably make them so widely successful with a large audience). Added onto that, the pacing was just off. It felt very rushed through, with more time being spent on gags than on, I dunno, further justifying its supernatural elements? Because more often than not, they act as deus ex machina to the plot. I couldn't get over the fact that I felt like I was watching some sappy YA fantasy put to screen.

I think I sound too harsh. Shinkai's visuals are just jaw-dropping. I had goosebumps for like, half of the entire movie, because it was just so beautiful. And despite the terrible overwroughtness of everything, it's clear Shinkai isn't trying to engineer some perfect tearjerker injection. He is very genuine and wants to connect with us in an honest, earnest way. He wants to make films about the feelings of love and loss and longing that we all have experienced, and that young people are first learning how to deal with as they grow up.

I think any filmmaker with that kind of mindset cannot really make a bad film. I just wish Shinkai would have finally learned that less is more, but apparently he hasn't yet.

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