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  • Rocco and His Brothers

    Rocco and His Brothers


    It is quite often referred as operatic and it does fully live up to that description. Compacted with emotions, that burst out from time to time with all the unimaginable furry, it is a melodrama of the highest caliber and along the line Visconti's most accessible work, despite the devoting run time. While exploring the North-South societal divide and relatives roles through a family of five, it gives us a character whose showcases admirable morals at first until they are…

  • Premeditated Murder

    Premeditated Murder


    In the year 1991 Yugoslavia is waging a pointless war concerning Croatia's succession( Little did the characters know that this was only the beginning of a painful decade). In the year 1946 a tremendous change on all levels is hitting a country that just came out of horrible conflict. On one hand we have a young, prosperous girl of student age, that is clever enough to see much of the pointlessness but not experienced enough to get the full picture…

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  • Son of Saul

    Son of Saul


    Just when we thought that we’d seen it all from Holocaust movies, a theme done to death in this day and age, this feature popped up and showed us this unfavorable theme in a fresh and innovative way.
    At Auschwitz in 1944, the viewer is put in a situation to literally follow one of the members of a Sonderkommando, a group of selected imprisoned Jews who had the duty of removing the corpses from gas chambers, while he tries to…

  • The Piano Teacher

    The Piano Teacher


    Leave it to Michael Haneke to leave you confused and uncertain.
    This is a story of repression, sexual and interpersonal, about exercising fetishes, about sickening obsession and damaged love. Isabelle Huppert is born to this kind of roles and as expected, she delivers, giving her maximum almost effortlessly. Some scenes won’t leave your head for days, but at the end of the day you will feel enriched for an unforgettable film experience.
    Mrs. Stone-face and the master of unpleasantness. What…