2046 ★★★★½

Surprise, surprise, this turned out to be my Favorite Wong Kar-Vai film( i will still restrict myself from calling it the best). All the elements associated with director are here: gorgeous Cinematography filled with neons( Doyle this time did only a part of it), philosophy and love, and a mood of loneliness. This time a si-fi mixture is added in. What, for me at least, work here the best is probably the cast, the creme de la crem of Asian cinema. While I am a little bit shaken that Maggie Cheung only makes an appearance via a flashback, her trio substitutes all do a great job surpassing her. Gong Li has the shortest amount to impress, but do not worry, with that little time she rules, giving the film it's shining moments. Zhang Ziyi has the most beautiful laughter, lifting up the usually somber mood and Faye Wong is just Faye Wong, charismatic and energetic with every move she makes. Tony Leoung, with or without those mustache, is just a icing on a cake!

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