Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

If The Force Awakens was the breath of fresh air Star Wars needed to get out of bed, The Last Jedi is the swift kick in the ass that tells it to go get a job.

Rain Johnson places his utmost confidence in the new generation of heroes and villains, and the film greatly benefits from this. Luke Skywalker is no longer the daring do gooder from years long gone. In order for the story to continue post Return of the Jedi, we needed to see him fail, and see how he failed.

The Force Awakens set up both new characters and old to mirror the roles in the original trilogy. In The Last Jedi, we learn (tragically) that Luke is no Yoda, Ben Solo is not Darth Vader, and Rey must become something more than Luke Slywalker in order to be the hero the rebellion needs.

The Last Jedi is the denial to repeat the past, and we see through our two heroes (?) where the line is to be drawn between new ways and old.

While the new characters (I.e Rose, Holdo, DJ) aren’t as fleshed out as they needed to be, they are brought to life and gravitated (for the most part, *ahem* DJ) by their performances and interactions. 

The Last Jedi gives much to look forward to in the future of this series, unless of course The First Order is building another Star Killer base in part 9.

[TANGENT] Boy, Star Wars fans would have DESPISED Empire if it had come out today.