Woman of the Year ★½

you know, chemistry between actors really is important. I can tell that Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn really are genuinely in love, and it's very nice to see.
It's a goddamn shame, then, that they're both trapped in this fucking mess of a movie, that, once it's built up a strong and interesting female character, decides that there's nothing better to do than twist her until she's a fucking shrieking caricature of her former self, and then humiliate her until she learns the error of her ways, and understands that she got too big for her lil ol boots.
Katharine Hepburn deserves none of this, and Spencer Tracy probably doesn't either.
(the stupid fucking kitchen scene gave me anxiety in addition to making me angry, because my roommates have set my kitchen on fire too many times for me to watch someone be that fucking incompetent. i refuse to believe anyone can be that bad at working a fucking toaster, even an old-timey toaster)
god fuck this