The Fortune Cookie

The Fortune Cookie ★★★★

I found out Wilder style usually follows this structure:
1- crowded start, in a stadium, busy office, party, etc
2- simple man, bad woman
3- always something not important mix in an important situation, like the girl lost her contact lens, or skateboard is hidden somewhere in the house and he can't find it or in this movie in an important talk, the lawyer needs to make tea or shave, etc.
4- catchy ending dialogue
5- luxury lifestyle

a cameraman who accidentally hit by a player while he was shooting a match, decide to play as a badly injured person in order to get back to his wife by the money he'll earn. His brother in law and lawyer convinces him by it, but when he finds out his wife come back just for the money, and the player expelled from the team as his behavior afterward, he decide to make it loose-loose for everyone.