Tito and the Birds

Tito and the Birds ★★★½

In future where animals and people are departed; a boy want to follow his father's idea that birds are human friends. A virus attacks humankind which is kind of very similar to our days in COVID-19. The virus works with fear and turns people who are panicked to a stone, the boy soon understand than birds can help human to survive from the virus. He tries to find out the secret, later following his father's invention, he will turn to a bird and find out that fear was part of human culture. it was a survival gift, but people forgot it while birds still remember it.
The animation technique of this movie is unique and very interesting and that's the first and the reason and I eagerly watched it. Also watching the movie in COVID-19 days gave it another feeling. however, the story disappointed me after a while. There were many holes in the plot, especially at the ending of the movie which suddenly Tito learned something out of thin air and helped everyone.
- Humans and nature have been separated in our modern world. This separation makes us far from our essential being and needs.

- Media and some organization use this separation and increase it as they see it as an economical chance