Annette ★★★★

It is much easier to explain the plot of Annette to someone, than it is for Leos Carax's previous film Holy Motors. However, this film manages to be still have elements that are truly indescribable. I didn't know this film was a musical going in, so I was presently surprised when I saw the Sparks Brothers on-screen to start the first number, and from that point I was wrapped up in this film's whirlwind setpieces. The incredible music and performances are accompanied by brilliant achievements in colour and cinematography, with a palette that is almost reminiscent of Almodóvar. Adam Driver gives a great performance and the highlight is probably his second stand-up monologue, especially when juxtaposed with the first. Leos Carax clearly has a great appreciation for his craft as an artist, and that is obvious not only from his filmmaking, but simply from his thanks in the credits which includes greats from all artistic fields such as Béla Bartók, Stephen Sondheim, Tom Lehrer and Edgar Allen Poe.

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