Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★½

a strong, albeit utterly ludicrous, comeback following my disinterest in Part II, Friday the 13th Part III delivers.

Part III kicks off in the same fashion as Part II with a superfluous recap that stepped off on the wrong foot for me, but quickly pulled itself together and began the promising fun i was expecting. the 3D aspects are incredibly dated and gimmicky, but afforded a welcomed assortment of hearty laughs that i cannot lie added to my lasting impression and developed bias. and of course, we see the notorious hockey mask come to life and get to witness the true birth of the Jason that everyone knows, boasting menace that was not quite present in the previous installment. the mask seems to grant power as the kills begin to really take off, splitting people in half and popping eyeballs out of skulls - yes, that was in horrible 3D, but my god, was it phenomenal. it starts to practically rely on moments like this to emit any speck of entertainment value, but ties it all together with an ominous score and Evil Dead cabin ambience to retain its horror status. the main and last-surviving character hosts decent intelligence when it comes to the end sequence just as the previous ones did, which i appreciate again. there is a genuine connection between roles that prevent them from being lifeless stand-ins, though the dialogue is meaningless, it is at least acted out like a regular conversation that is not dry or robotic.

whether entirely intentional or not, the dynamic of comedic cheap shots and ramped up violence clicks and works this in to be a solid sequel, and i will take this when i can get it when it comes to such films. if you can watch it with a friend, whether that be in person or syncing it up over a phone call, it makes for a much more enjoyable time, and strangely feels like it is the way it should be viewed.

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