Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

the title card/sequence and the accompanying score is such a blast that ultimately ends up being misleading as it settles into repetitive Friday-isms instead of going full-fledged disco camp against the windy, wooded atmosphere, but, god, is that 3D gimmick just stupid-good popcorn fun. the trademark mask makes its debut, the bloodshed is a cheap blast, and the cable-knit sweaters reign supreme, an absolute playground for Voorhees as he creeps towards his bigger, better self only just a couple of sequels away, even if he needs to loaf around like a half-wit bozo before getting there. those visible strings and animatronic eyeball pop-out kills are, dare to say, charmed with earnest endearment for the genre, that lets ignoring the misplaced biker gang and cardboard-cutout characters add fuel to the slasher fire.

Slasher Showdown

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