Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★

one massive benefit the Halloween franchise has is attributing Michael Myers to the boogeyman/“The Shape,” allowing the narrative and direction to ever-change and be molded into something different over the course of now almost fifty years, all while retaining the sinister, ominous framework of the original embodiment of evil. Halloween 2018, though a sluggish, and ultimately, lukewarm legacy sequel, was at least able to breathe fresh air into a new lens, showing promise for the revitalized trilogy—Halloween Kills shatters this into false promise.

shoddy humor, intolerable nostalgia cheekiness, overwhelming lore shoehorned into a free-fall of regressive retcon and artificial momentum: the film is tonally haywire and resultantly frustrating. there is an onslaught of characters that do nothing more than blend in with the body count and facetious mob mentality that should rather resonate guilt along with that of the generational Strode trauma, but instead, a flurry of witch-hunters still convinced that Myers is mere human poison any chance at channeling seriousness into a film so heavy on visual, visceral pain. Kills excels when it reflects this in melancholy (though temporary and still serving into the tonal whiplash), when loss is felt and the menace of the past can bear Myers’ colossal presence, however, this is never leaned into, and is decidedly exchanged for terrible dialogue riddled with loathsome speeches and one-liners that continuously remove us from the moment, and an overarching premise that is simply nonsensical. the delivery of this film from a technical and production angle is outstanding between Green’s ability to juggle the high-octane/slow and methodical vision whenever called for as well as Carpenter’s flawless-as-always music meshing wonderfully with any scene it needs to (and the powerful sound design), and the kills are indeed extremely brutal which are, again, completely in-tune with the aforementioned, but the content bound within the theatrical design is worthless, and so, Halloween Kills dwindles rapidly into the lower-tier of the slasher-sequel cesspool that has no idea what it really wants to be.

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