Jaws ★★★★½

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self-destructive capitalism in fear of tarnishing the facade of public image, and the clash of blissful ignorance to the unknown and the complete phobia assigned to it, told by the sheer force of the blood-hungry and its lack of remorse or empathy. the cinematic achievement of all that is Jaws is staggering, certainly because of how every single individual aspect of the filmmaking that went into it all coexist as one phenomenal product, but even more so considering how this is from 1975, and is renown as the first summer blockbuster ever, which is really synonymous for the first real motion picture of such caliber — and what a motion picture it is. for motion? the fluidity of Jaws is as the expectancy of the shoreline tide, natural, graceful, and soothing in its ability to scare a generation out of the ocean while satisfying a horror adventure to a remarkable degree. for picture? the timeless snapshot of American humanity as the careless, the brainwashed, and the unconcerned; the economic desperation to keep business as usual at the forefront of existence; the transcendence of now and then, forty-six years later where we as collective people will never change; the idea of the role of masculinity, and that man is always at wits with nature, only to prove it to themselves that they will be the victor until time is no more. a terrifying sharp-toothed allegory that stops at nothing.

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