Nope ★★★★½

an air-tight spectacle that rips that grandiose Spielbergian sci-fi ambiance from the 70s/80s, sprinkles some extra horror on it, and throws it high in the sky to take a big IMAX gander at, unable to pull away from, and almost effortlessly begging to be sunk into—through crisp sound design, a particularly interesting use of comedic undertone, and the capability to channel influence into beaming originality, Jordan Peele delivers Nope not just as another surprisingly massive blockbuster home-run for the year, but as a much-needed detox with something a little less plot-driven, even ironically so, given the commentary on staring at the sun for perhaps a little too long. balancing mindless and mind-blowing, the narrative cohesion is given a distinct benefit of the doubt, transforming and transfiguring into a behemoth of just a total blast, funneling thrills through frequent silence in that sweet, sweet edge-of-the-seat, hand-frozen-while-reaching-for-the-next-bite-of-popcorn nervousness that irresistibly petrifies. the biggest the screen has felt in a long time—the alien epic for the new generation.

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