Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★½

how far can the meta envelope be pushed? somewhere in a deliberate space between too far and just far enough in a cheeky instance of Craven having his cake, and eating it too. this is not to be confused with any notion of usual textbook sequel derailment into nonsense—Scream 2 is cruel in its intentions and continuation of itself and its overlapping of absurdity and violence that are no longer as individually discernible as they used to be. hilarity and violence blend indiscreetly in follow-up fashion, perhaps not as cleverly-bound by the slasher “rules” of Scream when unraveling sequel “rules” as the narrative is not as gripped by sheer terror, but still, the result is shameless and therefore, entirely entertaining. another introductory sequence that delivers superbly, setting the tone immediately and fittingly opening the next door to Craven’s twisted mind—just wish the pure-horror end of the spectrum packed the same punch its increased brutality advocates for, as it has a tendency to become slightly repetitive as a byproduct of its stabs and jabs. 

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