Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

my knowledge of Talking Heads is the bare-minimum. i know nothing of the band, their era, their achievements/legacy, and have only heard the tippiest-tip of the iceberg of their discography with “Psycho Killer,” being just another song i had played a few times on Rock Band on my Xbox 360 as a teenager. i went in with nothing and came out with everything - a one-off song-hummer to an immediate super-fan. Stop Making Sense transcends music, performance, and art, and as cliche as it is, turns them all into an experience, a spectacle, and a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. from the barren, nervous start to the impassioned finale, Talking Heads exhibits every reason as to why they are not just Hall of Famers, but a globally renowned name and a staple to genre-defying rock, easily recognizable in innumerable bands to follow. the group’s chemistry is charged with genuine connection in every step and never falters, coming off as hard to believe as ever being rehearsed with how innate each movement is. David Byrne is the clear prominent star putting on his own show amidst the concert itself, but that is not to discredit any of the other necessary members playing their part audibly at every second with joy, soul, and expertise. the amount of times that i said “imagine being in the audience for this” out loud to myself throughout the film started to make me feel dizzy, as i actually could not possibly fathom that one bit. from the crew’s background magic, Jonathan Demme’s spectacular cinematography, and Talking Head’s iconic production - to the pure exhilarating adrenaline rush of live music cascading off the stage, through the camera, and into my ears, i can say with absolute confidence that this is undoubtedly the single-greatest film of its kind, and the purest celebration of music.

“nothing is better than this.”

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