The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★½

another superb entry into slice-of-life cinema by Baker: the colors, the people, the sense of place and purpose in filmmaking, all impressively striking and immersive. The Florida Project explores another band of personalities that are grounded in reality, by products of their environment, and just as unfiltered/unapologetic humans, vitalized by outstanding performances by all involved, filmed by a camera that distinguishes both the world for the kids and the adults alike, both compartmentalized to American society’s fallout and shortcomings to its people—the film captures instances from both worlds’ points of view incredibly well, and above all with the chosen narrative, is able to produce something unmistakably raw and genuine. the honesty is often staggering, and the representative vision of a motel aligned with the nearby Disney World proximity, such element in itself speaks volumes and transcends the screen effortlessly.

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