Eternals ★★★

Good, could have been awesome

First of all,a whole load of expectation was on Oscar winner Chloé Zhao who promised to be the point of difference of the MCU with respect to what we already knew,she made it different, but did she succeed with this change?
The film begins by slowly telling a new Marvel story,it was a bit difficult to connect with it at the beginning,but as the film goes on even though dragged at certain parts fully managed to connect with it and enjoyed as a visual spectacle not as a MCU movie.
One of the best things about the Eternals is without a doubt its production design and tone silmilar to that of the "Dune", the visual effects and the DoP were brutal in those more than two hours
It was well crafted even though Its structure was very different from what is usual in the MCU;The film works for most of the part leaving aside the plot of the Deviants and the fact that some characters needed a little more development.

MCU wow factor was missing

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