Suspiria ★★★★

Halloween Night - Music Box Special 

My eyes and heart are devitalized after a dark and vigorous October month of horror after thriller after slasher after Halloween remake. I’ve seen more knives chop through human flesh than the entire discography of “Chopped” (season 1-40) dicing ingredients for a three course meal. My cheeks are unsure if they can still team up and group together the muscles necessary  to create a half decent smirk. Christ almighty. Nonetheless, I could not have asked for a more definitive end to this said journey than Luca’s “Suspiria” on Halloween night. 

So to begin. Uh, the performances. There’s so much usage of this word in this picture, every strand of the definition is twisted and tongue-tied to ultimately be the true driving force of this cinematic escapade. In an otherwise extremely dominant, component-heavy art house epic, it’s imagined that certain imagery would drown these “performances” out. Leave it to Luca to maintain the title of this original classic, but to toss this this bad boy topsy-turvy and make this fucking shit his OWN, how it should be. Dakota *thrives*, a beautiful essence, and the mesh of her body and character arc are one and I am so on board with   the hair stuff, too. 

This may require a second viewing for me to properly dissect the last 30 minutes again. I couldn’t tell if I was totally along for the ride there, but it certainly didn’t lose me. Witches are frickin’ nuts, man. Jeez o petes.

P.S. Shout out to the 11/11 references (I picked up on 2, is there more?) ya boy’s birthday.

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