American Honey

American Honey ★★★★½

This movie felt so incredibly raw & real. The acting didn't even feel like acting. Of course this was all fictional, but I'm so convinced that I was actually watching a real life group of rag tag young adults selling magazines door to door. I read that Andrea Arnold approached teenagers on the street to be a part of the movie, including Sasha Lane who played the main character, Star. I would have never guessed that Sasha never acted before. She was phenomenal. I think the use of unknown actors & "non-actors" was a good choice made by Andrea because it gave the film such an authentic feel.
Shia LaBeouf looked like himself ~a trashy beautiful hipster douchebag~ but this time with more tattoos, suspenders and a rat-tail. His character is like imagine you're Star. You know going in he's gonna break your heart, but he's so damn charming that it's impossible to not fall for him. Rest in pieces.

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