King Kong

King Kong ★★★★★

The start of special effects driven Hollywood blockbusters. Today's CGI came from decades of perfecting how to make impossible things come to life on screen, and even though the effects may be somewhat crude by today's standards, cinema owes great respect to early thrill-ride movies like this. "Mighty Joe Young" offers similar special effects that are more fine tuned than this, but "King Kong" was ground breaking for how ambitious the scale of the project was.

The story is so simplistic and iconic that it's become something engrained in our culture even if you haven't seen the film. Films like this will go down in history forever for this reason - there will always be people wanting to see the original story... even 100's of years from now, people will be watching this movie. Only a handful of movies become a permanent part of the world, and this is one of the earliest.

Is it perfect? Not at all - but how do you critique a living great great grandfather?

The remake by Peter Jackson is actually quite a respectful love letter to this, giving depth to Kong that would make people's heads explode if you were to ever play it back in 1933.