Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping ★★★

There are lots of little quick laughs scattered throughout the movie, with a huge dose of celebrity cameos. I don't know if that I am personally detached from modern pop music too much to fully get all the inside jokes... the jokes seemed aimed at Justin Bieber (I've never listened to any of his music) and other pop artists that I'm clueless about.... but there are lots of little moments that gave me a good laugh - Mariah Carey bragging about connecting with a song about being humble - a bird pooping splatting in an open mouth in an incredibly realistic way - a TMZ parody with forced laughter and mug sipping - Justin Timberlake cutting carrots quietly... all very funny.

I just wanted to connect with it more, but I'm too old. If this was Logan's Run, I'd have been on the run for 3 years now. I haven't even watched Logan's Run but I'm so old that I know the entire plot anyways.

I don't even own a cell phone.

In conclusion, if you're old, this will remind you of "This is Spinal Tap".

If you're young, "This is Spinal Tap" is a mockumentary from 1984 about a punk rock band that doesn't exist... but many people thought the film was about an actual band because it was back when you couldn't get an immediate answer to every question.

I don't know what my point is anymore.

So old...

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