Swimming with Sharks ★★★

Kevin Spacey really sinks into this kind of role like no one else can. He's the reason to watch this movie.

I found the movie itself to be a little under-baked in some scenes. It starts to feel like a student film at times, a good student film but still a student film. I may be thinking that just because the film itself has very little Hollywood "polish" - the plot is contained in a handful of locations and there is a somewhat uninspired framing in many shots. Compared to something like the very contained "Reservoir Dogs", it just doesn't grab you visually like that film does. The last complaint is about the finale - it just doesn't work for me - It's a giant nod to "The Godfather" and if you've read my Godfather review, you'll understand why I'm not gushing praise. The film is still good, but it's completely because of Kevin Spacey.

Spacey has a great character here and it's like he's been polishing it for the last two decades before slipping into the shoes of Frank Underwood on "House of Cards". He's very fun to watch and fun to hate.

Spacey spent a bunch of the 1990's yelling and being tied up.