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  • The Russia House

    The Russia House


    1. "The only Le Carré adaptation to really get and live in the boozy, melancholy hypnodrab vibe of his prose; old men in old clothes confronting the old ways. Also, my goodness, the vintage Soviet location work is devastatingly gorgeous."

    Great review but i would say that spy who came in from the cold and 2011 tinker tailor do that as well. Still have to see Tailor of Panama that im currently reading actually.

    2. Pretty good movie actually,…

  • The Killers

    The Killers


    Oooooooh I get what the title is actually about. They're the real "Killers".... - The Women!

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  • Dune



    Just returned from my first solo movie watching experience ever. Dune. It's insanely monstrously bad. Dennis V is by very far the worst director ever. TV movie on 1k mil budget. Brightness 20%. Not one memorable scene. Too fast. Ps2 video game cutscene movie. Fantasy dreck. Not sf. And fantasy mostly fucking sucks. Insufferable cringe generic shit.

    Guy uses so much closeups for like supposedly extreme spectacle

    I thought this is going to be slow druggie hypnotic experience with cool…

  • How Do You Live?

    How Do You Live?


    He never missed and he won't now