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  • The Dust of Time

    The Dust of Time

    The Dust of Time, Angelopoulos' last film.
    While it wasn't meant to be his final work, as he died while making what would supposedly be his last film, The Other Sea , The Dust of Time nevertheless works as a great ending to Theo's career. It mixes many themes & elements from his previous work like Ulysses Gaze, Voyage to Cythera etc. while at the same time crafting something new, challenging the director's style in fascinating ways.
    I really do not…

  • Alexander the Great

    Alexander the Great

    Another incredible achievement by the Greek master himself, Theo Angelopoulos.
    While many hail his 1975 film "The Travelling players" as his most epic work, I believe this may be even greater.
    A perfect exploration of civilization through political ideas, power, ideologies, hopes, ideals, dreams & historical identity in the face of said things, here presented through brilliant uses of the filmic language in unforgettable sequnces, both visually and poetically. Theo's staging has never been better.
    Long, but never dull. Slow, yet…

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