A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

Of all the movies that got postponed due to the pandemic, I am really happy they moved the sequel to A Quiet Place. This is very much one of those movies that works best watched in the absolute dark, without any distraction, with powerful speakers making every sound clearly audible. This is how I saw it 3 years ago, and revisiting it now, with my family moving around in the background, and the neighbor playing the guitar, it definitely lost some of its magic. A Quiet Place relies almost exclusively on atmosphere and tension rather than story, characters, or complicated lore, which works to its advantage on a visceral level, but sadly is not nearly as effective when rewatching it. I did find this dragging a bit compared to the first time, though it is still excellent on a technical level, having received a well-earned Oscar nomination for its Sound Editing.

I do understand some of the criticisms this got back in the day upon rewatching it, but some of y'all are just mean to this film! It's a high-concept, nail-biting affair that does not need any heavier level of thought around it. I am curious to see where the sequel goes, I am cautiously optimistic. I believe more focus on character-building rather than the horror element could elevate it in a way that makes it more effective after future viewing.

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