Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube ★★

Original Title: Cube 2: Hypercube
Year of Release: 2002
Genres: Mystery; Thriller; Sci-Fi
Director: Andrzej Sekula
Writers: Sean Hood, Ernie Barbarash, Lauren McLaughlin
Main Cast: Kari Matchett, Geraint Wyn Davies, Grace Lynn Kung, Matthew Ferguson, Neil Crone, Barbara Gordon

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Cube 2: Hypercube is essentially the same thing as the first one, only with a lazier set (only having one color is such a cheap choice), really weak CGI, and a fairly bad cast. It lacks any of the intrigue or tension of the original, instead embracing the more fantastical elements of the premise to make something really silly and ridiculous. The new twist that the rooms have could make for a legitimately fun ride, but they really did the least inventive things possible with the potential they had. Well worthy of being a direct-to-video sequel, though still borderline entertaining in its own right.

Story: 4
Directing: 5
Cinematography: 6
Acting: 4.5
Sound: 6
Visual Effects: 5


Violence & Gore: 8
Sex & Nudity: 3
Drugs & Profanity: 3
Intensity & Horror: 3

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