John Wick

John Wick ★★★★★

I have officially seen the film 8 times, and I really never get tired of it. I've written two full reviews, a couple short remarks, and even a full-blown analysis. So, this time around, I will just list random things I love about this film:

- the performance of the late Michael Nyqvist is the aspect that only gets better with each rewatch, an apparently throwaway villain ends up becoming one of my favorite characters of the series, a father with conflicting emotions and a strong sense of humor that delivers some fantastic lines;

- this might sound weird, but it's the first time that I have noticed that one of the coffee cups in John's house has a daisy on it, implying that it's his wife's, and that he understands that the letter he has received is from his wife because it has a daisy on it, and the dog itself is named Daisy. I am shocked I didn't notice this during my other viewings, but it's a small thing that I never hear being mentioned;

- the whole Red Circle scene is still a blast, how every character's and enemy's location is clear from the very beginning and how John actually gets his ass kicked when he has to fight with his bare knuckles;

- love how Killing Strangers is played when Marcus/Dafoe is on-screen, with the lyrics ("We're killing strangers so we don't kill the ones that we love") giving a clue as to what his real allegiance is;

- lots of great character actors with small moments that imply a lot of history, already making what is a relatively small-budgeted film feel bigger than it is;

- Dean Winters as Avi never fails to make me laugh;

- Keanu fricking Reeves is absolutely incredible here, a comeback that has put him once again in the spotlight, getting the chance to do what he loves and thankfully getting critical and commercial success.

Here's to the incoming Chapter 3, here's to Keanu, here's to Stahelski, and here's to many more of these passionate action films with clear camerawork and editing and intricate choreography and sheer commitment to the craft. Amen!

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