Dune ★★½

OK so hear me out I have a theory. As I was watching this I kept thinking about how I have seen all of this before, and not from the Lynch version. Obviously there are star wars nods. Like with the sand worms in the ground who look like sarlaccs and the giant spaceships with the armies in line just like the empire.

But what came to my mind was the 90s Canadian German cult gem Lexx. Lexx aired on HBO as a mini series and then eventually made its way to sci fi channel as a series. It's very quircky, funny, campy and way horny lol. It was like farscape and labyrinth had a naughty lovechild. But the premise is basically the lexx is an organic ship that looks like a dragonfly and can destroy world's, it's so powerful.

Kai one of the mains is the last of his kind a Brunnen G. The prophecy is that a Brunnen G will destroy the insect faction so are hunted ruthlessly. Kai is basically dead and runs off of proto blood. Proto blood is extremely rare and only found in one place...

Sound familiar? lol even in the garbage planet episode their outfits look like the fremens desert gear. It has alot of similar themes and visuals or maybe just the imagery made me nostalgic idk. I know the book came out in 65, but was lexx inspired by dune or was this dune inspired by lexx? It was such a bizarre and fun show, def not for everyone. But I couldn't help but think Villeneuve might have been a big fan...

Anyway the movie itself was so long. Omg so long. And sorry I was confused half the time. It was dark and bleak and industrial, and had so much whispering. I didn't even realize Jessica was his concubine until halfway through the movie.

I think the world building was lacking and the Lynch version did a better job setting the scale. Also I saw someone on letterboxd say this is the new generations lotr. Lol sorry but if Peter Jackson had done this trilogy we would have known what was happening the entire time and it'd be fun.

It's a visually beautiful film. And if you haven't seen Lexx it's worth checking out on YouTube youtu.be/SvqnjEQljYs

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