No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★

First time rewatching it since I saw in theaters, now in Blu Ray and with a nice stereo at home. I still think it's a very good film but some feelings have changed, I couldn't help to notice some things.
First of all what changed for better is for sure Zimmer's score. The man is an absolutely legend and by far my favorite composer in the industry, but I thought at my first watch that the score for the film didn't match his potential. Now paying more attention I realized that yes it is great. Maybe not his best in what, the last decade perhaps ? But there are some incredible beautiful tracks here that improve and give much more meaning to the scenes. "Home" is a really good example, but "Final Ascent" is the one that hits you right in the feels. Bond couldn't save Vesper, M or Felix but he saved his family, he finally was able to save someone he love, and that scene with that score is my far one of my favorite moments in the franchise.

I also noticed how the chemistry between Daniel and Léa improved compared to the previous film, mostly in their more intimate moments.
What I had mixed feelings this time around are for example the way they treated the 007 code. No, 007 isn't just a number, 00 means that the agent has license to kill and 7 is the number of the agent James Bond, it's not a number that you give to anyone like they suggested here.
What lead us to Bond himself. This film made him very...human ? Bond feels very vulnerable, he has his weaknesses, he feels even a little soft at times. And yeah, it's cohesive with the arc he had in the previous films and make him reliable, but not so much like the character we know. Not that this is a bad thing, but I miss the Casino Royale's Bond you know ? But in the end, Daniel had a noble and worthy ending for the character and I think for this sequence of films is what really matters.

But I can't lie that I'm equally excited and worried about the future of the franchise. Something fresh might be welcome but the staff and even the Broccoli family need to have in mind that they have a very beloved character in their hands, with a legacy that has almost 5 decades, drastic changes may and will piss a lot of people, and I don't think it's something worth fighting for. Let's see what the future holds.

PS : Can we all appreciate how nice was the scene at the end where James imitates the classic opening ? It was a really nice little touch.

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