Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★½

Even better than the last one. The New York setting fits perfectly and gave a new range of possibilities. The kills are great too, this may be my favorite Ghostface since Scream 2 . Still can't relate with the new gang though, it lacks charisma and it feels they're just trying to emulate every character of the early films. And it's becoming not only surreal but also ridiculous how much the "good guys" can be stabbed, shot, bleed and still run and survive like nothing happened, AT LEAST two of the character should've died at the end...

But there's no doubt it will be a Scream 7 and I'm here for it, if someone had doubts if the franchise could move on without Sidney the answer is yes. She's the core of the franchise but since the last two films are almost a soft reboot, they work without her. Would be good to see Neve Campbell returning but she's not essential in this new sequences.

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