Acid Bath

Acid Bath ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

As an amateur gore enthusiast, every time i view a WildEye release, i start with the best of expectations. and every time, with exceptions, the credits find myself wondering: why do i do this to myself?

i marked this with spoilers without being sure if there's anything to spoil. it was really really hard to follow a potential plot which is partly because of a good deal of taco talk - i am using this term because one of the mexicans' name is actually taco - without ANY subtitles. so probably a major part of what is actually happening just evaded me.

like most of these movies, it starts with a killing, followed by a dude selling body parts to a mexican gang - the same mexican gang which will later hunt him for killing prostitutes. in some moments we get impressions of "psycho", or "maniac", or any generic misogynist slasher flick. the murders are messy, yet unsatisfying, and unlike other amateur gore movies, the gore doesn't make up for the completely flawed plot. the further i watched it, the harder i got myself thinking "what is this all about"?, fighting the urge to just turn it off. luckily i didn't, because the ending offered "some kind" of conclusion which clarifies at least the probably biggest question that keeps haunting the audience. to rate "acid bath" by means of production, acting, lighting etc would be horribly unfair, like comparing a camping tent to St Peter's Basilica. those movies are not made for the average cineast who swallows every piece of hollywood garbage without thinking, but even by these measures this movie can only be recommended to a vast minority of indie horror fetishists.

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