2046 ★★★★

2046 is yet another fantastic film by Wong Kar-wai. It details what happens after Chow Mo-wan's affair with Su Li-Zhen from In the Mood for Love again in 1960s Hong Kong but science fiction elements were thrown into the mix this time.

The plot was very loose, as most of his are, but this one had a very nice flow to it. None of the parts dragged or took away from the film's rhythm and pace; each scene that was included was necessary. The editing was really well-done.

Characterization was one of the high points of the film by far. It was extremely easy to see each character's motives through the beautiful, effortless characterization displayed. Although the characters are not relatable for me personally, their thoughts and feelings are indubitably understandable.The film showed an entirely different side of Chow Mo-wan that was disturbing and intriguing to see.

The science fiction was interesting and the first I've ever seen attempted in a Chinese movie. The sci-fi took me out of the experience a little because it felt unnatural to Wong Kar-wai's aesthetic and because I found it much less visually pleasing than the typical scenes.

In a sense 2046 is the opposite of what In the Mood for Love was trying to be. This film focuses a lot more on sexual desires and using people just for the sake of avoiding boredom. The sexual scenes were done tastefully and weren't excessive.

2046 is an emotional, passionate film and great in its own right.