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  • Scream



    "How can fandom be toxic?"

    Yes, I went to see 5CREAM again. Yes, I liked it just as much as I did on the first run around.

    So let's chat about it, shall we?

    First things first, sibling bonds. Not just with Tara and Sam, but with the twins as well. I think the film did a great job touching on the importance of coming back to the ones closest to you and being there for one another. How honesty…

  • May the Devil Take You

    May the Devil Take You


    "Are you going to let me go again, Alfie?"

    When I say I love family dramas, this is what I am talking about. Family secrets always seem to find the way into the light..especially the horrific ones.

    Almost every frame of MAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU is grueling nightmare fuel. The storytelling is well paced with scenes going from disgusting to heartbreaking all in quick succession and without missing a beat.

    The effects are realistic, oozing, and disgusting. The body…

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  • Burning



    "I accept that they are waiting to be burnt down."

    BURNING makes it known that something is coming but gives you no indication of what it may be.

    Fantasy, want, expectation, and perception collide in this deeply observant yet ambiguous film.

    Tiny hints of tension, suspicion, and paranoia are laid, but even if you figure it out, I dont think you can fully prepare for the outcome.

    A genuinely enigmatic piece of cinema.

  • Bad Moon

    Bad Moon


    "Finish it."

    This was an alright werewolf romp with some real gnarly practical effects. Definitely the highlight.

    But there was one thing i couldn't get over...this man's logic. Why would he move CLOSER to his family?

    Why would anyone gamble on love curing lycanthropy? Do you also suffer from dumb bitch disease?

    Also, I saw that the dog's real name is Primo and I LOVE that name.

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  • Pig



    "You don’t even exist anymore."

    With hours to go before the new year, I (accidentally) picked the perfect film for loss and accepting all that comes with mortality.

    I am so pleasantly surprised by how kind hearted and empathic this Nicolas Cage mountain man movie was.

    The character arc we see our main guy Rob go through is a compassionate journey on finding purpose, value, and heart. Nicolas Cage was great in this subdued role.

    Whenever you think PIG might…

  • Suspiria



    "There will be nothing left of you. Only space for me."

    Made a Suspiria playlist.

    Now excuse me, while I simp for Suspiria (2018) for a mo. Now yes, this remake lacks color and the exuberant Goblin score from the original, but it makes up for it in all other categories.

    "You’re in a company now. You have to find your right place. You have to decide, what is it you want to be for this company? Is it the…