Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★½

"Are you guys still playing Werewolf?"

Truly, madly, DEEPLY my vibe and the most fun I've had at a theater all year.

Not only was this hilarious and mean, it pushes passed what could've been dumbshit and effectively creates paranoia and anxiety inducing moments.

Beyond the bloody whodunnit fun, this is such a great snapshot of friends who've known each other forever and then cling to each other even when they don't like each other because it is easier. How easy it is to party together but when things get real the cracks show and everyone falls apart.

Rachel Sennott as Alice sold this for me. She's just at the party to have fun, wants everyone to get along, doesn't want drama just drugs and vibes. Finally the representation I needed.

But I liked all of the performances and think they made the purposefully cringe moments and the inherent nihilism work with ease.

Also it sounds soooo good. And I was wondering why I loved the score and then saw that FUCKING DISASTERPEACE did it?? Immediately, yes.

The twist at the end had me literally crying laughing. This was my most anticipated film this year, besides SCREAM 5, and I got everything I wanted.

I cannot wait to watch this again.

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